We're Starting Something New

We know, it's been a while...

J. HEFFNER, Jun 2021

Hey, we’re back. We didn’t really leave, we’ve kinda just been working on something big, and we’re so excited to be finally launching this project! We started out as an outlet for expressing our love for everything watch related. In time, we grew to being a blog, with both informational and entertainment value. We grew a steady base of subscribers, followers, fans, and readers who collectively shared in our interest. We’ve been featured by multiple dealers, and acclaimed watch related publications. Most importantly, we made a splash in the watch community and got to know hundreds of those who adore the hobby. It’s always been our goal to enter the selling space. Why? We have such an immense love for vintage watches and the stories they tell, but we don’t have the budget to own tens of thousands of dollars worth of vintage watches. So, we wanted to open a quaint shop offering pieces that meet our strict criteria of style, and watches that we see as ‘unique’. Our offering will always be the best in their class, and will be sold in smaller batches. Each piece we offer will include an aspect of originality you simply won't find elsewhere (original straps, barn finds, etc). We’re hoping that our offerings also pique the interests of those in the community, and together we can continue on this journey of collecting and hunting for the next big thing. Without further ado, let us introduce to you the watches that’re going to be featured in our first ‘drop’ on our new website.

Rolex Speedking

This watch is beautiful, simply put. With its matte polar dial, gold indices, explorer layout, and blued steel seconds hand, it's easy to get lost in the details when checking the time. This one comes on its original bracelet, keeping it rugged despite its classy styling. I've owned many many oysters in the past, and there's just something about this beaut that makes me contemplate keeping it for the personal collection haha!

Omega Seamaster Tropical Gilt

Beefy lug Seamasters are some of my favorite watches to collect, simply because they offer so much value for both seasoned and novice collectors. This specific piece comes in all original condition, including the crystal, unpolished case, and original strap. The movement keeps time within +6 seconds a day, meaning we guarantee the reliability of this versatile and rare timepiece. What do we love most about this omega? Its dial is explosive in tropical tones, not to mention its crisp gilt color tone (the most rare and desirable Seamaster dial configuration.

Seiko 62MAS

The entire Seiko dive watch culture began with this watch. Here we have an incredibly rare reference 6217-8000 that has just been serviced and pressure tested. The dial of this watch is in excellent all original condition, and it even comes with its original rubber strap. This piece, while missing a bezel, is a true barn find, and honestly one of the most special watches I've had the privilege to offer.

Tropical Seamaster 2577 18k Gold

A Seamaster like this punches way above its weight (price), not only because of its story, but also because of its specifications. Sourced from Argentina where the sun has turned the dial slightly tropical, this is possibly one of the best vintage Seamasters the market will ever see. it features a solid gold case, chronometer movement, blued steel seconds hand, original buckle, and it's even amongst the first Seamasters ever produced. It's a watch I'll have a tough time letting go, but one that totally deserves to be worn as it has throughout its 70 year lifespan.

Icy Piaget

Fresh from the 1970s, this thing is a sight to behold. Solid white gold case, original gold deployment clasp, exotic stone dial, and a hobnail bezel are just the start of it. This piece is known as an 'ultra slim' watch because of the movement inside. Piaget are the masters of thin, and unbeknownst to most, crafting an ultra slim watch is one of the hardest feats of watch making. This is a true one-of-a-kind piece, one that makes its presence known.

A Thank You...

A thank you to our readers and followers who've been apart of our collecting journey. We are so excited to be launching our first 'drop', and we're excited for what's to come!


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